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3D-Fuel™, 3Dom USA™ and 3Dom Europe™ to Unite Operations and Become 3Dom Fuel™

3D-Fuel™, 3Dom USA™ and 3Dom Europe™ to Unite Operations and Become 3Dom Fuel™

Bonne Terre, Missouri, USA March 21, 2016.
3D-Fuel™ LLC, Dom USA™, and 3Dom Europe™ LLC are teaming up under one roof and a new company name – 3DomFuel™. This new conglomerate will combine the resources and capabilities of all three companies. This will expand production capabilities, enhance the quality of the 3D printing products, provide competitive pricing, and build a truly intercontinental sales and logistics presence with facilities in the USA and in Europe. The new company will continue to manufacture products under the trademarked 3D-Fuel™ brand and offer 3D-Fuel’s most popular product line, Advanced PLA, as well as 3Dom USA’s and 3Dom Europe’s high-quality lines of bio-composites, exotics, and purging materials. To bring these companies together under one roof was an easy decision for all parties involved. All three are dedicated to bringing high quality, sustainable, and highly functional materials to the market to meet the needs of the 3D printing customer. The new enterprise will continue this focus in order to develop innovative and exciting 3D printing products for the market globally. 3DomFuel’s 3D-Fuel product lineup currently includes:
  • Advanced PLA (High heat resistant filament)
  • Premium PLA (High quality, standard filament)
  • Wound Up™ (Coffee infused filament)
  • Buzzed™ (Beer infused filament)
  • Entwined™ (Hemp infused filament)
  • Biome3D™ (Durable bio-based filament)
  • Glass Filled PLA (Higher strength and toughness filament)
  • Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean™  (Non-abrasive cleaning filament)

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“We are very excited about 3DomFuel and what this means to our loyal customer base. Our new manufacturing capabilities will result in even higher quality than what has been available to the 3D Printing market. Being 100% centered on the FDM 3D printing market means we concentrate solely on what is important to all creators, from manufacturers to enthusiasts. This, combined with our expanded infrastructure, will give 3DomFuel the ability to rapidly provide unique, sustainable, and highly functional materials to the global industry,” stated Matthew Stegall, CEO 3D-Fuel.
3DomFuel is currently developing several new 3D printing products for FDM that will be introduced into the market over the coming months. These filaments will provide aesthetic and mechanical properties that will be unique to the industry. Manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe will work closely together in order to bring the results of the R&D efforts from both regions to the global 3D printing market. “We have a strong focus on utilizing waste materials and by-products from manufacturing processes to develop new materials that provide unique properties to the 3D Printing Industry. Under the new company, we will have increased production and R&D capacity, enabling 3DomFuel to increase quality and material options even further”.Jake Clark, CEO 3Dom USA. “We are pleased to join forces with 3DomFuel, allowing us to combine our strengths in facilitating the development and commercialization of innovative functional printing filaments” stated Ciaran McMenamin, CEO 3Dom Europe. Don’t settle for products that can’t match up to the quality of the 3D-Fuel brand, commitment, and functionality. If a product doesn’t carry the current 3D-Fuel logo, then it’s not 3D-Fuel’s current line of products. 3DFuel-Logo-1920x1080   Always go with the best and look for the official 3D-Fuel logo when “Fueling Your Creativity™”. If you would like to learn more about 3D-Fuel, to contact 3D-Fuel for a media kit, or to try some of the products, visit
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