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Coffee Based 3D Printer Filament: Wound Up

Coffee Based 3D Printer Filament: Wound Up

August 21, 2015 – Filament manufacturer 3Dom USA has released a new bio-material made from coffee. Called Wound Up™, the filament is a continuing partnership with Fargo, North Dakota based bio-composite company, c2renew. The material is made using waste byproducts from coffee. Wound Up™ uses those coffee left-overs to create a special 3D printing material with visibly unique print finishes. The filament produces products with a rich brown color and a noticeable natural grain. Now a cup printed with Wound Up™ is a true “coffee cup.” This is the first in a line of intriguing materials from 3Dom USA called the c2renew Composites. More distinctive bio-based products will be released in the near future. Wound Up™ filament can be printed on any machine capable of printing with PLA and comes perfectly spooled on the 100% bio-based Eco-Spool™. Beautifully packed and vacuum-sealed to keep moisture out. Each spool of Wound Up™ has the diameter and ovality metrics posted right on the box, so you know that tolerances are tight.

For more information, please contact John Schneider at 1-800-336-6097 or

About 3Dom USA

3DomFuel, Inc was founded in 2014 to be able to serve the 3D printing industry with high-quality, sustainable 3D printing materials. 3DomFuel, Inc. was developed from the ground up for 3D printing, bringing a decade of 3D printing experience and over 40 years of plastics expertise together to achieve that goal. We are dedicated to high quality, practical and sustainable 3D printing materials, and to helping 3D printers everywhere to Build Better.

About c2renew

c2renew uses proprietary bio-composite formulations to design materials, compounds and parts that satisfy demanding engineering specifications. With our technologies, you can take advantage of low-cost, renewable resources while meeting, maintaining, or even improving upon the mechanical properties you require. Our bio-composite material compounds are made from agricultural residuals along with recycled or virgin plastics from petroleum or renewable resources.
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