3D-Fuel™ Introduces New APLA+ Offering Heat and Impact Resistance Rivaling ABS

Partnering with NatureWorks, LLC., in the release of their new Ingeo PLA formulation offering high heat and impact resistance, 3D-Fuel introduces Advanced PLA+ (APLA+). APLA+ was created specifically for 3D printing, where most filament materials are formulated first for other industries then adapted for FDM filaments. Its predecessor, APLA (Advanced...

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Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean – A 3D Printing Purge Material

dyna-purge 3d clean filament

Eco-minded 3D filament manufacturer 3Dom USA has partnered with the commercial purging veterans at Dyna-Purge™ to bring commercial-grade cleaning and maintenance to 3D printers with Dyna-Purge® 3D Clean. With the sudden availability of many intriguing 3D printing materials, printer operators are often switching between drastically different types of materials...

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Engineering-grade Glass Filled PLA released by 3Dom USA

glass filled PLA 1200x400

July 28, 2015 – US based filament manufacturer 3Dom USA announces today the release of a first of its kind engineering-grade filament, Glass Filled PLA. As a composite PLA/glass material, Glass Filled PLA filament can be used on any machine capable of printing with PLA. It offers similar benefits...

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3Dom USA Announces 100% Bio-Based 3D Printer Filament Spool


3Dom USA introduces 100% bio-based filament spool and 3D printer filament made from sustainably produced NatureWorks Ingeo™ PLA. The Eco-Spool™ by 3Dom USA is a first-of-its-kind spool designed specifically for environmental sustainability. As more businesses, schools, and individuals are 3D printing an increasing amount of empty filament spools will...

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