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Nylon Filament (taulman3D)

At 3D-Fuel, we established our company to make the best filament available anywhere, and we have held to that standard. We continually look for new types and new offerings to extend our lineup. We have been looking at Nylons and co-polymers for years and have determined that no one makes a better Nylon assortment than taulman3D. Our hats are off to this company and the quality of their filaments as well as the many needs they fill. 

3D-Fuel has worked together with taulman3D to begin selling their most popular products directly on our website. You will now be able to order our PLA and Specialty products along with Alloy 910, Nylon Bridge, and Nylon 230. Same price, same quality, same brand, but now you have a one-stop-shop for purchasing your materials!