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Support Materials

  • hydrosupport cube water soluble filament print

    HydroSupport V2 - Water Soluble Support Material

    HydroSupport dissolves completely in water and is much easier to print with than PVA filament. Because it dissolves in water, HydroSupport only nee...

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  • $89.99

    HydroPro - Professional Water Soluble Filament

    HydroPro™ dissolves quickly and completely in water and is easier to print with than other water-soluble materials such as PVA and PVOH. HydroPro™ ...

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  • $39.99

    SnapSupport™ Breakaway Support Material - 3D450 from NatureWorks™

    SnapSupport is a new breakaway material made with Ingeo 3D450 resin from NatureWorks. The clean, fast mechanical break-away of SnapSupport support ...

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