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Become a Reseller

Become a Reseller or Wholesale Buyer

At 3D-Fuel we deliver a range of highly specialized 3D printing filaments to the fast growing 3D printing market and keep a strong focus on new innovative materials.

In order to assure our mutual success, we team up with dedicated partners in the 3D printing industry in order to expand our brand. We are currently forming alliances and partnerships with the following:
  • Leading 3D printer manufacturers and suppliers
  • Value added resellers and distributors
  • Maker Spaces, Fab Labs, Hobby Shops
  • 3D printing bureaus/service providers
  • 3D printing experts and industry organizations
  • Brand owners and B2B 

If you fit one of those categories, please read the following conditions and complete the form at the link below. 

But first, we want you to understand Why 3D-Fuel is Worth a Little More:

  • Very High and Consistent Filament Quality. Diameter and Ovality – ±0.02mm nom.
  • PURE resins: we use Made-in-USA NatureWorks™ Ingeo™ Resins in our PLA Products with no fillers
  • All of our PLA products are made of 100% US sourced resins, boxes, spools, Labels, etc.
  • Our spools are made from Recycled HIPS Plastic – and we take them back for re-use!
  • We have Available support via chat, email, phone not only for questions, but for solving issues!
  • A friendly, helpful staff who want to see all our customers have successful prints!
  • 40 colors of both Standard PLA and Pro PLA – We probably have your color!
  • Solid USA Source Chain with no interruptions
              - Excellent availability and short delivery times
  • Proud to be a US Manufacturer paying good wages and providing benefits to our employees



If you print 10 kg or more of 3D printing filament per month, we have very attractive wholesale/high volume pricing available for you, your educational institution or your business. Please fill out the contact form below and one of our sales representatives will get in touch.

  • Buying 10kg or more gets you our Volume User Discount level pricing. We automatically offer this to all Education and Government related people and entities. But you can have this discount as well. (About 10% off)
  • If you're using more than 50kg per month, you can qualify for our Wholesale Tier 1 pricing providing you with an even larger discount. Whether you just use a lot, or plan to resell our filament, this level lets you get a better price. (about 25% off)
  • Large customers who use 250kg per month can get further discounted prices and qualify for our Wholesale Tier 2 pricing. (about 30% off)
  • And if you're buying over 1,000kg per month, you may qualify for our final Wholesale Tier 3 pricing. (about 35% off)

Wholesale Terms and Conditions:

We offer discounted pricing to large volume users based on the average monthly quantity they purchase. These discounts are for your own use by you or your company and not for resale. Complete this form to apply for wholesale pricing.

Reseller Terms and Conditions:

1) Reseller must be a registered business in the state or country in which they operate and possess a reseller’s certificate or sales tax license for said state or country. A copy of said license or certificate to be provided to the 3DomFuel, Inc. with their application. (This can be waived under certain conditions.)
2) Reseller must submit a completed Reseller Application online. (see below)
3) Reseller must be actively involved in the selling of 3D Printers and/or 3D Filament, Toys and Hobbies, or related field either in a physical retail store, or on an active, up-to-date website.
4) Reseller agrees to stock a reasonable amount of inventory in order to provide fulfillment to their customer base. Manufacturer and Reseller will discuss and determine this level in a way that works for the Reseller in a positive way.
5) Reseller agrees to advertise manufacturer’s products at a price at, or above, the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) of the products as outlined by the manufacturer. Reseller may NOT advertise below MAP.
6) Reseller agrees to promote Manufacturer’s products and to abide by the acceptable uses of all product images and/or logos provided during the term of this agreement. No advertising is to be done without the proper use of the images provided. Reseller agrees to prominently list 3D Fuel products for sale on Reseller’s website.
7) Reseller agrees NOT to sell on Amazon. This space is reserved for 3D-Fuel and it's contracted operator. Resellers may sell on other select platforms as long as the MAP pricing is adhered to.

Resellers are setup at our first wholesale tier pricing. Further discounts are available with higher purchase volumes.

NOTE: Once you move to wholesale pricing, the Free Shipping option will no longer be available to you because we do not have enough profit in the items at wholesale to cover the shipping as well. 

Complete this form and someone will contact you about becoming a reseller or wholesale partner or approve your application. (Usually within a few hours.)