Technical Info: Pro PLA/APLA+ has higher impact strength than ABS and PLA with a heat resistance rivaling that of ABS! Available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter, new Pro PLA/APLA+ will help your 3D printed projects look amazing and perform amazingly. Anneal your design after 3D printing for even better heat resistance.

Pro PLA/APLA+ is engineered and designed specifically with 3D printing in mind. Pro PLA/APLA+ was designed with the high impact strength needed in industrial applications to meet the growing demand by companies for a material with the properties of ABS, but the printability of PLA. Annealed Pro PLA/APLA+ displays impact strength levels at 1.7 times that of standard PLA, but the new Pro PLA/APLA+ boasts 4.3 times the impact strength of standard PLA.

Even before post-processing, Pro PLA/APLA+ exhibits significantly higher impact strength than ABS.

Recommended Print Settings:

  • Extruder Temp: 210-240C (varies by printer)
  • Heated Bed Temp: 0-60C (heated bed not required)
  • Bed Surface: Bare acrylic, blue painters tape + hairspray, glass + hairspray, BuildTak (or similar bed surface), PEI (with heated bed @ 45-60C)

Annealing Info (heat treating): Learn how to heat treat (anneal) Pro PLA/APLA+

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