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3D-Fuel™ Introduces New Water Soluble Filament

3D-Fuel™ Introduces New Water Soluble Filament

Water soluble filaments for 3D printing have been around for a while but most, such as PVA, are difficult to work with. In an effort to offer a better support material, today 3D-Fuel is introducing a new water soluble material, HydroSupport. Because it dissolves in water, HydroSupport only needs to be soaked a few hours to easily work supports off by hand, or 12-24 hours to dissolve completely. The process can be sped up further by using warm water and agitation. HydroSupport is non-toxic, meaning it can be washed down the drain without harming the environment or wildlife. HydroSupport has a high tensile strength and feels like PLA when printing is complete. Use it as a support material to print large overhangs, intricate inner geometry, and deep cavities. HydroSupport is available now at in 1.75 and 2.85 mm diameters.

About 3DomFuel In early 2016, the filament manufacturers 3Dom USA, 3Dom Europe, and 3D-Fuel united to form 3DomFuel, maker of the 3D-Fuel brand. This new company has increased production and R&D capabilities, and a renewed focus on materials development. 

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