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Why 3D-Fuel?

Why 3D-Fuel?

3D-Fuel filaments are different. They work better. And they are a joy to use. They give you the power to Build Better!

3D-Fuel 3D printer filaments are only made in the USA and in Ireland at our own facilities. We use only high quality materials from the best US and EU suppliers and make our filament to very stringent specifications.

3DomFuel, Inc., the company that manufacturers 3D-Fuel products was founded on the principal that users need access to High-Quality, Reasonably-Priced filament made in the USA (for North American Customers) or Ireland (for the EU). 

Here's why you should consider 3D-Fuel Filament:

  • Made in USA (Fargo, ND) for North America
  • Made from USA Sourced Materials
  • Our PLA is all made from 100% Virgin NatureWorks Ingeo Resins
  • Our Boxes are made in Fargo, ND
  • Our Spools are made just 45 minutes from our plant
  • We have very strict specifications for our products
  • Diameter is required to be accurate within ±0.02mm average
  • All Filament is vacuum-sealed with Desiccant
  • 3D-Fuel is 100% Guaranteed, we stand behind our products
  • 3DomFuel offers SUPPORT after the sale, we help you solve any issues
  • We currently offer over 32 colors of filaments
  • All our filaments get great reviews, users love them!
  • Our Pro PLA filament gets the best reviews and works fantastic!
  • No fillers or stretch materials are added, only colorant.
  • You KNOW what you are buying when you buy 3D-Fuel Filament.
  • Because we make it in the USA, you are helping to keep your dollars in the US!
  • We are available every working day via Chat, Email, or Telephone. 
  • We have an R&D division with on-staff Physicist and a Polymer Scientist
  • New products being added all the time, several scheduled for 2022
  • 3DomFuel has been making filament for over 7 years and is here for the long run

Just know, that when you buy 3D-Fuel Filament, you are buying some of the best filament available anywhere in the world and that product is backed by 3D Printing people like you who care about your experience.

We give you the power to BUILD BETTER.