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Discounts for Resellers, Education and more

Discounts for Resellers, Education and more

We offer discounts in three different ways: Volume Purchase Discounts, Appreciation Discounts, and Wholesale Discounts for Resellers of 3D-Fuel Products. 

Volume Discounts

3D-Fuel offers discounts to our volume customers based on the size of each purchase. The discounts get deeper as the quantity purchased increases with breaks at 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 items. Combine any items in our store to get these discounts as it uses the total purchased to determine your discount level. Order as often as you like at these discounted prices based on quantity. These prices are only good per order. New orders will be priced based on the quantity ordered on the new order. You will see these prices available on any page that includes the discounted offerings. Discount will be calculated at the time of checkout. No application is required to receive these discounts, simply order in quantity on our website. (An account is required, so be sure to register for your account instead of buying as a guest.)

Courtesy Discounts

In appreciation of the services rendered to us, the communities around us, and to our country, we offer a courtesy discount to all Educational, Military, Veterans, and First Responders. It is not a large discount, but it does help stretch dollars for those we appreciate. You can receive this discount by completing the form here:

Reseller Discounts

3D-Fuel appreciates all our Brick and Mortar stores that are stocking and helping to promote our 3D-Fuel filaments and products. We offer a retail store discount for those who qualify for this discount. Qualifications include:

1) Must have a physical store where you are open to the public,
2) Must purchase a minimum of $500 worth of product on each order,
3) Must display and promote 3D-Fuel products in your store, and
4) Must adhere to MAP pricing requirements.

Resellers may list items on their own website for their customers, but may not list 3D-Fuel products on Amazon.  To apply for a Reseller account complete the form here:

If you have questions about our discount program, please contact us at