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Milliwave Silicon Solutions and 3D-Fuel 3D Filaments

Milliwave Silicon Solutions and 3D-Fuel 3D Filaments

We're always thrilled to see great work done with our 3D-Fuel filaments (@3Ddfuel / Here you see some MilliBox gimbals created by Milliwave Silicon Solutions ( used for over the air 3D radiation pattern measurement of #mmWave antenna in particular for #5GNR radios and automotive radars applications.

They are made with 3D-Fuel Pro PLA Iron Red and Pro PLA Midnight Black. Terrific design and implementation!  @Jean Marc Laurent of Milliwave really likes working with our Pro PLA made from 100% #NatureWorks™ Ingeo Resins. He stated: “The impact resistance and temperature range of 3DFuel Pro PLA is the best we could find on the market and when annealed it brings the performance of ABS with the ease of print and plant based nature of PLA. Those were very important factors when we ramped up MilliBox to mass production volumes and 3DFuel could accommodate our supply requirements.”


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