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Educational Discounts

3D-Fuel School Building Educational Discounts

Welcome Educators, Students and more!

3D-Fuel is proud to support 3D Printing in Education! We offer discounts on almost all our products to help schools and universities stretch their education dollars! Also available for government, military, veterans and training facilities.

Example Discount Pricing:

Filament Regular Price Educational Price
Standard PLA  $24.99 $22.99
Workday PLA 29.99 24.99
Pro PLA 31.99 27.99

Beer, Coffee, Trash, etc.

34.99 32.99
Entwined Hemp-filled 39.99 35.99
Sample 50g coils $5.00 $4.00

To receive your educational discount:

1. Register (setup) an account on the 3D-Fuel website (click the link to the left)


2. Complete the form below

We will receive your request in and modify your account to automatically receive a discount on all your purchases. Once we have upgraded your account, we will email you to let you know it's active. You will see the retail pricing marked through, and your price visible on each item. The discount varies but is often 10% or more. Thank you for what you do! Education is the key to the future! The 3D-Fuel Team.