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3D-Fuel Filament is in High Demand! - 3D-Fuel

3D-Fuel Filament is in High Demand!

We are thrilled to report that our 3D-Fuel brand of high-quality 3D filament has become so popular that we, literally, can hardly keep it on the shelves! We see this as an indication that our efforts to make the best USA-made filament are appreciated. 

Due to some unusual circumstances earlier this year, we decided to increase our efforts on quality and, as a result, we are still playing catch up. In February and March, we completely revamped our quality control and other systems in order to maintain the quality that we know our customers desire and demand. This has put us a few weeks behind schedule in production and we are working as hard as possible to get products made, especially those in high demand. 

We are running multiple production lines and working overtime to get products produced, orders filled, and inventory levels back to normal. However, at this time, we may be as much as two to three weeks out on some products. In order to maintain better inventory levels, we have chosen to only stock those products that we feel are the highest demand products. You can see a list of these products and which ones are planned for stock at this link. Other items are available by special order in quantities of 24 or more kg per item. NOTE: If you use a quantity of any item not marked for stock on a monthly basis, contact us to see if it can be added to our stocking list.

Meanwhile, to assure you get an opportunity to purchase the products you need, we recommend that you go to the page on our website for the product you need and make sure that you sign up for notifications for when it is back in stock. That way, you’ll be notified when it is added back into inventory right after it is produced. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, but with the way the world is changing, we are all experiencing new shortages and inventory outages and it may take us a while to get everything going again. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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