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Our Commitment to Made In the USA - 3D-Fuel

Our Commitment to Made In the USA

3D-Fuel has become one of the top premium lines of 3D printer filament available anywhere and especially of those manufactured here in the USA.

While other brands have their filament manufactured overseas, we’re doubling down on our production capabilities here at home. We continue to make strategic investments allowing us to create more 3D filament right here in the USA without sacrificing our quality.

Simply making our filament in the US isn’t enough. Supporting other US manufacturers and ensuring we have a robust supply chain is a key part of what makes 3D-Fuel different. We source as many of the items used to make our filament as we can from US suppliers and manufacturers. That includes everything from our resin to our colorants to the packaging we use.


3D-Fuel Supplier Map


Our production facility and headquarters are located in Fargo, North Dakota. A product like ours could be made just about anywhere. We’ve chosen Fargo because of its entrepreneurial spirit, community of talented people, and the area’s high quality of life. Yes, it gets cold in the winter but our summers are truly amazing.

Our PLA resin, which makes up the key raw ingredient of our filament, is supplied by our long-term partner NatureWorks which has its headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Using crops grown in the midwest, such as corn, NatureWorks creates its patented Ingeo PLA resin at their plant in Blair, Nebraska. Blair might be 400 miles away from Fargo, but that’s just a “short” drive when you are on the Great Plains.

Our packaging comes from just across town here in Fargo and down I-94 in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our labels are made in New York and printed in Fargo. Even our spools are manufactured just 60 miles away in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. We could go on and on, but the point is that we are committed to supporting other businesses that are focused on keeping and bringing back US manufacturing.

Exceptional quality is only possible because of our people. Our team is made of makers, thinkers, doers, dreamers, and tinkerers. Their passions are at the core of every spool of filament that we make.

Every employee at 3D-Fuel gets free filament and is encouraged to 3D print as much as possible, even during work. There simply is no better way to make our filament even better than by using it ourselves.

Behind every single spool of 3D-Fuel filament is one of our production operators. Our production operators are paid an above average wage that starts at over twice the local minimum wage in addition to offering benefits like paid-time off, health insurance, and a casual work environment where everyone has a chance to make a real difference.

We do everything we can to make sure that every spool that leaves Fargo meets our high quality standards. Sometimes, though, a less than perfect spool slips through. That’s why every spool of Standard PLA+ and Pro PLA+ filament comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If we have to ship you a new spool of filament, we’ll do so without a fuss. Sure, this costs us money, but it’s the right thing to do.

The 3D-Fuel experience doesn’t end at the loading dock. Our expert team of 3D printing specialists are here to help you get the most out of your combination of 3D-Fuel filaments and the 3D printer of your choice.

We’re here to empower your 3D printing success by providing the premium 3D printing experience.

3D-Fuel will never be the least expensive filament on the market. We’re okay with that. To compete solely on price would mean sacrificing the very things that make 3D-Fuel better: quality, sustainability, and creating opportunities for makers, thinkers, doers, dreamers, and tinkerers.

Thank you for supporting a US manufacturer who supports US manufacturing.

John Schneider

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Patrick Richter - September 21, 2022

I absolutely love that you guys have gotten everything to be sourced here in the USA! When I was there touring the facility last September everyone on the team had that vision and it gave me even more pride to be using your filament for my business which I have made a feature of my products. I’m hoping to stop in at the beginning of October while I’m in ND and see the new line. Keep up the fantastic work guys!!!

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