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3D-Fuel is partnering with Essentium to Grow USA Filament Operations

3D-Fuel is partnering with Essentium to Grow USA Filament Operations

We've partnered with Essentium, Inc., a 3D printing materials and hardware manufacturer in Austin, TX, to be the North American manufacturer of our products.

This has been a partnership in the works for 7 months and we're very excited to be able to share more information on it.

We partnered with them because of their incredible production quality, monitoring, and measurement. They provide a per-spool Certificate of Conformance for every single spool that they manufacture that goes beyond simple diameter and ovality measurement.

They also enable greater production capacity - yes, we'll finally be able to get all of our colors of Standard and Pro PLA+ back in stock!

Their product portfolio greatly extends ours beyond PLAs, ABS, and PETG to high temp, flexible, ESD-safe, chemically-resistant, and more. Starting soon, you'll be able to buy both Essentium materials and 3D-Fuel materials on the same website in order to fulfill all of your filament needs in one convenient place.

We're closing down our Fargo, ND production facility and warehouse to consolidate production operations to Texas - we appreciate your patience as the inventory availability is low right now until this move is complete.

Thank you all and we're looking forward to this next chapter!

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