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3D-Fuel Launches Workday ABS & ASA Filaments

3D-Fuel Launches Workday ABS & ASA Filaments

3D-Fuel today adds ABS and ASA filaments to their portfolio of 3D printing materials. After months of extensive development and testing, 3D-Fuel has created an ABS filament with excellent print performance, low odor, and very low warp. Their ASA filament has excellent durability and UV, chemical, and weather resistance making it the ideal filament for outdoor and automotive applications.

3D-Fuel is well-known for their commitment to sustainable and recycled products. They have based the majority of their product line around that commitment including three grades of NatureWorks Ingeo PLA, Entwined - Hemp filament, Wound Up - Coffee filament, and others.

John Schneider, 3D-Fuel COO, says “ABS and ASA are materials that we’ve worked with before and for which we strive to find a full bio-based replacement. However, we see that many of our customers absolutely require ABS or ASA for their applications. We simply weren’t prepared to release a 3D-Fuel ABS or ASA to the market until we were certain we had identified the very best version of those materials for 3D printing. I’m very happy to say that we have that best version and are able to offer a more complete lineup and to service all of the 3D printing community.”

Workday ABS and ASA are now available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters in Snow White and Midnight Black colors on 1kg spools. More spool sizes and colors are available on request.

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3D-Fuel filaments are manufactured by 3DomFuel, Inc., a custom filament manufacturer with production facilities in Moville, Ireland and Fargo, ND. 3DomFuel has a commitment to high-quality 3D printing materials. They were the first in the industry to provide per-spool filament diameter and ovality specifications on their packaging.

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