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Our warehouse is moving from Fargo, ND to Austin, TX

Our warehouse is moving from Fargo, ND to Austin, TX

If you've visited our site in the last week, you'll see that our inventory is listed as out of stock. We're migrating all of our inventory that was in our Fargo warehouse to our Texas warehouse (stay tuned for an exciting announcement with more details later this week) so until that inventory has been fully moved and is in place, it cannot be purchased on our website.
We DO have inventory in our Amazon warehouse so, in the meantime, if you need filament quickly, please place an order there.
Thank you for your patience as we get things entirely moved over from the old location to the new one!
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Parth - December 20, 2023

Oh thank goodness! Thank you for the update! I went onto the site recently and was worried you were going out of business. Your PLA is the BEST PLA that I have printed with and the only I ever want to use going forward! Thank you for made in USA an thank you for what you do!

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