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Covid-19 Corona Virus Resources in 3D Printing

Using 3D Printing to Fight The Corona Virus

Help us get the word out to those who need 3D Resources to help battle Covid-19. Here are some we have been made aware of. If you know of others, please email us and let us know.

3D-Fuel is offering special discounted materials for making masks, filters, valves, screens and other PPE or Medical devices to combat Covid-19. 

Standard PLA Midnight Black 1.75mm or 2.85mm 1kg Spool $19.99

PETG Midnight Black 1.75mm or 2.85mm 1kg Spool

For other products we are currently offering 20% off regular price on our regular products if you use the discount code COVID19HEROES.  If you are part of a group that is making PPE, etc. to battle Covid-19, use the discount code. 

NOTE: We are quickly selling out of many of our products due to this discount and the need for 3D printing during this crisis. When our current inventory is depleted, this discount will expire (probably by April 30th.)


There is a group coordinating a statewide effort for North Dakota to help connect high-tech problem solvers with those in need of PPE. Our goal is to ensure that the efforts are well-directed and meet the needs of the medical community, following guidelines from the ND Dept. of Health. Info can be found at If you are printing PPE in ND, Please visit this site!

What material should I be using?

This will depend on what PPE you are working on and how they will be used. Be sure to contact the people you're working with to make sure you're using the product they need so your time and efforts will not be wasted. Here are some general guidelines:

Workday and Standard PLA - If extra features are not required, our Standard and Workday PLAs are excellent products for printing items that do not require special handling. 

PETGThis appears to be the most popular right now. It withstands cleaning with bleach and alcohol and seems to be the suggested material for Face Shields and Face shield halos. (We are making PETG as fast as we can, the inventory will come and go as it is sold out almost as soon as we add more inventory, so sign up for an alert on the PETG pages to be emailed when more is added.)

OBCThis is a new material made by 3D-Fuel and DOW Chemical. It is lightweight, strong, non-hydroscopic (will not absorb moisture) and chemical resistant. It can also be flexible in thin walled items. See the OBC Page for more info. 

Pro PLA - For other PPE we recommend our Pro PLA as it has the highest strength, heat-resistance, and flexibility of all our PLA Products. 


Search for #hackthepandemic for a number of resources and programs ongoing.