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Color Keychain Sample Set for 3D Fuel Colors

by 3D-Fuel
Original price $15.00 - Original price $15.00
Original price
$15.00 - $15.00
Current price $15.00
Keychain Size: Full Set of 40 Colors

4kg spools are available to purchase on backorder. In most cases, these will be made-to-order in 3-4 weeks.

For filaments with a 4kg option, please add to your cart and proceed with checkout.

If you need 4kg spools more quickly, please email contact us and we'll see what we can do to accommodate that.


Do You Qualify for a Free Keychain?

If you are a professional using 3D Printing and use a lot of filament, we WANT you to have a keychain so you can offer all our colors to customers. Contact Us if you feel you fall into this category and we will consider sending you a free set!

A set of 40 color 3D-Fuel keychain fobs showing printed versions of our various colors and filament types with the color/product name on the back. Subject to be missing a few colors or types as it depends on our keychain inventory at the time, but most colors will be included.

Your actual set will contain all 40 colors that we currently offer! The set now includes our latest colors: Flat Dark Earth, Castle Gray, Desert Tan and Glow In The Dark.