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Save 15% for Memorial Day - Use Code MD2024 at Checkout


Entwined v2Hemp , 2.85mm

by 3D-Fuel
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Original price $40.00 - Original price $260.00
Original price
$40.00 - $260.00
Current price $70.00
Filament Color: Natural
Filament Spool Size: 1kg 2.85mm Spool
Filament Material: Entwined Hemp Filled PLA

NOTE: Entwined™ Hemp Filament is now a discontinued product. 

Entwined™ is hemp-infused 3D printer filament, the first and only commercially-available 3D printing filament produced from USA-grown and processed industrial hemp. Industrial hemp crops require no herbicides, no pesticides and grow more densely compared to corn. Entwined hemp filament uses only a small amount of colorant, allowing it to maintain a true natural brown. There's a large amount of visible bio-fill, something you don't get with standard PLA.

"Natural" color Entwined is also colored with a small amount of brown colorant that helps the product run well and stay in spec for our high-quality standards. It will now be a darker brown than the photos.

NOTE: This is not a product designed to make the fila