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Essentium Altitude, 2.85mm

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$82.50 - $275.00
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Essentium Altitude is a high-performance co-polymer blend of polycarbonate and siloxane, mixed with non-chlorinated and non-brominated flame-retardant agents and UV stabilizers. The base resin meets UL 94V-0 flame testing at 1.5 millimeters. This unique formulation allows this material to withstand temperatures of down to negative 60 C.

Key Features:

  • UV stability
  •  High temperature resistance
  •  Impact resistance
  •  Flame retardant
  • Outdoor applications
  • High-altitude applications
  • Drones and drone bodies
  • Electrical system components
  • Panel cover
  • Transformer housings and covers
  • Electrical line protection