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Essentium PCTG - Z, 2.85mm

Original price $95.00 - Original price $325.00
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$95.00 - $325.00
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SKU FIL0021012500285
Filament Color: Black
Filament Spool Size: 2.5kg
Diameter: 2.85mm
Essentium PCTG-Z is specially formulated to be ESD safe. It is an easy-to-print material with significantly increased impact strength when compared to PETG. Target Surface Resistance 10^4 to 10^9 Ohms. Our ESD materials are non-marring and are engineered to the highest quality standards.


  • Perfect starting point for electronic jigs and fixtures
  • Low cost
  • Easy to print, machine, and finish
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Prints in open air
  • Unaffected by humidity
  • Strong enough for lightly loaded fixtures
  • Non-marring
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Handheld tools
  • General assembly fixtures for electronics
  • Robotics and automation components
  • Parts for explosion-proof environments
  • ESD part trays

TDS: Essentium PCTG - Z

SDS: Essentium PCTG - Z