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Spool Holder Dispenser for 3D, 1Kg and 4kg Large Spools

by 3D-Fuel
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3D-Fuel filament often works better than filament made specifically for printers.  And often, since it is on a different sized spool it must be spooled from above or behind the printer.  Up until now, we've had to tell people to just find something to print that will work for them, but NOW we have a solution!

These 3D Filament Spool holders do a great job of feeding your machine without causing problems. They are heavy duty, will last for a LONG time, and work just great for our spools. 

There are two sizes, a 6" version for our 500g and 1kg spools and will work with spools up to 3.5" wide. Our larger 8" version is for our 12" diameter/4kg spools and will work with spools up to 4.5" wide. We have needed a solution for these larger spools for a while now.  

The main brace is made of Rolled Steel over 1/4" Thick and is bent to approximately 90° to support the cross brace. The cross brace is made of PVC with two hubs and is attached with a carriage bolt. The hubs protrude beyond the PVC so that the spool stays in place while moving and does not fall off the stand. 

To stabilize the stand, we have included a cross brace that attaches with one bolt (included) to hold it in place. The combination work very well and will last you a long time.