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PLA Filament

Green Spool 3D-Fuel3D Printer printing with 3D-Fuel Filament

PLA, or PolyLactic Acid, is the most popular type of 3D filament used today in 3D Printers. It offers great ease of use, is very forgiving, and makes great prototypes, gifts, gadgets, and toys. It is non-toxic, food-safe, makes a pleasant and non-toxic odor when used and is made from a plastic that comes from corn. In fact, it is also compostable, which means it will break down in the right conditions and will not stay in the environment for 100's of years like non-bio-based plastics. 3D-Fuel offers PLA in three different types: Standard, Workday and Pro PLA. Check our comparison chart to see which type meets your needs. 

Standard PLA Workday PLA Pro PLA
Overall Rating Good Better Best
Material Characteristics Basic Material High Temp Resistance High Temp Resistance + Impact Toughness
Price for 1kg Spool $24.99 $34.99 $39.99
Surface Finish Glossy Glossy Matte/Silky
Genuine NatureWorks Ingeo Resin Grade 4043d 3D850 3D870
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